Not All Botanical Extracts Are Equal

CO2 extraction is simply the cleanest method.

Sycamore BioPharma is in the most influential possible position to lead the transformation of a petroleum-based economy to a renewable plant-based fine chemical industry.

We employ the highest quality extraction & distillation of hemp using supercritical CO2 technologies. Our high standards are further supported at every step of the production process, and we are capable of generating both food and pharmaceutical grade products. Sycamore BioPharma's proximity to leading research universities in this field and the pressing need to curb CO2 emission gives us an edge over other manufactures developing these processes.

Our processing facility is capable of extraction and purification of 1 ton of plant material/day using a variety of solvents including, but not limited to: CO2, ethanol, methanol, water, isopropyl alcohol, ethyl acetate, and isobutyl ethers. The facility will be capable of extraction, solvent evaporation and recovery, extract milling, heating, cooling, extract cleanup, and precipitation.

We are a cGMP compliant processing facility for botanical extracts, fine chemicals, and active pharmaceutical ingredients (API), providing the highest standards for processing, distillation, and purification of plant-derived products including hemp.