Why All CBD Products Are Not Created Equally

The science behind the production of hemp oil is more complicated than most would imagine. Sycamore BioPharma (SBP) takes no shortcuts in producing the highest quality and rigorously tested extracts.

Here are the different stages the CBD extract goes through and where other companies stop, and Sycamore BioPharma keeps going.


Crude Oil:
The first step of collecting the plant’s oils is a bulk extraction of the cannabinoid-rich hemp buds using Supercritical CO2. Compared to other extraction methods, such as hexanes, ethanol or butane, the CO2 extraction method is the cleanest and safest because it doesn’t require toxic solvents and is eco-friendly. This bulk extraction produces a tar-like crude oil that has a wide range of phytocompounds.



Full-Spectrum Distillate:
The second step is to refine the crude oil to separate the tar from the cannabinoids achieving a purer, higher potency distillate that is consistent and reproducible. This cannabinoid-rich distillate has a clear honey appearance with a light terpene fragrance and is used to formulate SBP’s full-spectrum products.




Cannabidiol (CBD) Isolate:
The purest form of CBD, pure CBD crystals, are used to formulate SBP’s THC free products (shown in picture 3). These crystals are achieved by crystallizing the cannabidiol out of the distillate mother-liquor at extremely low temperatures.





Many CBD products on the market are made from the CBD in the crude oil. This is the most challenging stage for providing a reproducible product and explains the quality variation of CBD products on the market today. To solve this problem, Sycamore BioPharma uses full-spectrum distillate and cannabidiol isolate to provide customers with a clean and consistent product with every product they purchase.