Sycamore BP

Recharged™ CBD Refill Spray


The Recharged™ CBD Pain Relief Spray provides the muscle and joint relieving properties of CBD working synergistically with Menthol and Copaiba essential oil.  The Recharged™ solution is a versatile formulation designed with both immediate and encapsulated, delayed-release natural ingredients to provide fast relief that continues to deliver as you move. Use it to recharge your Embraced™ sleeves and socks or to treat other close fitting athletic wear.

The convenient 2oz spray contains 1,000mg of CBD, 400mg of menthol, and 200mg of Copaiba delivered utilizing a patent-pending, time-release microencapsulation mechanism. Treatment with Recharged™ allows extended use of Embraced™ sleeves and socks or enhances the relief of your own compression wear. The effects are immediately noticeable and continue to develop as your activity ruptures the microencapsulation and releases additional active ingredients. The technology at work in this proprietary formulation promotes transdermal absorption and makes both immediate and sustained relief possible.

Throughout the manufacturing process all products are tested multiple times by an independent 3rd party laboratory; as biomass, concentrate and manufactured retail product to ensure that they are free of heavy metals, pesticides and residual solvents.

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