Mark T. Hamann, PhD, Principal Investigator

Dr. Mark T. Hamann serves as the Charles and Carol Cooper/SmartState Endowed Chair of Drug Discovery, Biomedical Sciences and Public Health at the MUSC Colleges of Pharmacy and Medicine and also holds Adjunct appointments with The University of Maryland’s Institute of Marine and Environmental Technology.

Dr. Hamann began his career in cGMP pharmaceutical manufacturing at Solvay Pharmaceuticals in Baudette, Minnesota, and then completed a Ph.D. degree in Organic Chemistry at the University of Hawaii, under the guidance of the late Professor Paul J. Scheuer. During his graduate studies, he discovered the lead anticancer agent, kahalalide F which entered clinical trials with the leadership of the biotech company PharmaMar.

Dr. Hamann completed Postdoctoral Studies with Prof Bill Baker at McMurdo Station in Antarctica and then spent 20 years as a faculty member and natural products researcher at The University of Mississippi School of Pharmacy. During his research career, Dr. Hamann has published over 250 scientific papers, reviews, book chapters and guided over 100 graduate students/postdoctoral fellows and visiting scholars. Dr. Hamann served as an Associate Editor for Biochimica et Biophysica Acta, General Subjects where he reviewed and edited publications focused on natural product-based therapeutics and new methodologies. His group is actively involved in the isolation, structure determination and optimization through the synthesis of natural products and therapeutics with a focus on plant and invertebrate microbiomes. His group is currently working on the preclinical development of a small pipeline of natural products with activity against cancer, emerging infectious diseases, and neuropsychiatric disorders.
He is committed to the success of Sycamore BioPharma and the strategic replacement of petroleum-based fine chemicals with renewables generated through local and regional agriculture and the type of manufacturing available at the facilities at Sycamore BioPharma. This approach to economic development supports both the local economy as well as the reduction of the countries carbon footprint. 
Tyler Stone, President
Tyler is the principal founder and president of Sycamore BioPharma.  He brings a diverse entrepreneurial background to the botanical extraction field as a former owner and managing partner of Farmland Conversion Consultants.  His time with Farmland provided over 10 years of experience working with various farming operations in the SE in diversifying and expanding their farming operations. His connections within the ag industry and close working relationship with the SC Dept. of Agriculture will enable SBP to recruit and assist farmers and growers in identifying high-value botanical products.
Bill Lamar, Vice President
Bill brings over 24 years of knowledge in the Food & Vegetable processing business.  Starting from a Quality Assurance & Field Service background in operations to Director of Foodservice Sales in the Southeast and national accounts.  He has a broad knowledge of the supply chain and its flow from “The Field to the Fork” approach to the food processing world brings insight to gain market share in the industry.
Nicholas Aube (Operations/Laboratory Director)
Nicholas has expertise in optimizing large-scale extractions, responsible for laboratory operations including oversight of standard operating procedure, batch records, quality control, and GMP compliance. Nicholas has over 5 years of natural product chemistry experience, 3 of those years studying under Dr. Mark Hamann’s MUSC research group optimizing the extraction of a novel class of naturally derived antibiotics.
George Hanna, Director of Research and Design
George is an experienced natural products Graduate Student, BS in Biology working at Sycamore BioPharma and the laboratory at the College of Pharmacy, Department of Drug Discovery and Biomedical Sciences & MUSC College of Public Health. George is capable of the natural product characterization and chemoinformatics using MoIN analysis.
Sales Director, Claire Bonnett
After nearly a decade as a leader in the industry, Sales Director Claire Bonnett knows hemp. Beyond developing retail and wholesale client bases and expanding online sales efforts, with integrity and passion, she has a proven track record of success in educating consumers and is a fierce hemp advocate focused on creating lasting partnerships that involve every aspect of the supply chain. She knows what it takes to grow hemp and what it takes to process hemp. More importantly, with hemp's evolving marketplace opportunities, she knows how to pivot quickly in order to meet end-user demand. She splits her time between the Lowcountry and St. Louis, Missouri.