Wellness is a necessity and finding natural products to support your lifestyle choices is essential. Sycamore Biopharma has two categories of edibles to complement your life’s diverse needs: CBD & THC gummies branded under Right Coast Edibles.

CBD Edibles

Wellness Gummies: A Natural Path to Tranquility

Sycamore Biopharma’s edibles are formulated with your well-being in mind. Our “Wellness” edibles provide restorative pain relief, a peaceful night’s sleep, and a gentle nudge towards general balance and relaxation. Please note, that while these CBD gummies are crafted for aiding therapeutic benefit, they are not an FDA-approved cure for any medical condition.

Pain Relief: Experience effective pain relief without the dangers associated with traditional opioid medication. Our Relief gummy features a nano-tech formulation, with a balanced ratio of 25mg CBD to 2.5mg THC, providing gentle, yet effective relief.

Sleep Aid: Achieve a more restful sleep experience with Sycamore Biopharma’s Drift sleep aid CBD/CBN gummies. Crafted to aid in restfulness, they’re a natural way to enhance your sleep quality and duration without morning brain fog. Infused with a blend of Valerian and passionflower extracts, these edibles combine the benefits of CBD, CBN, and natural botanicals.

Daily Balance: Seek support in navigating the rush of daily life with the soothing properties of these Aligned CBD gummies. Easily incorporate the broad benefits of CBD into your day-to-day routine with this potent and versatile THC-free edible.

If you are pursuing wellness and balance, CBD gummies from Sycamore Biopharma are crafted to fit into your everyday rituals. They’re more than a treat; they’re a natural way to enhance your well-being

THC Edibles

Fun Gummies: Elevate the Enjoyment

Right Coast Edibles brings you fun gummies; a playful way to relax into life’s calmer moments with Δ8-THC or elevate your creativity and be active with Nano-Δ9-THC. Our hemp-derived THC gummies enhance joyfulness, allowing you to unwind with a natural flair.

Relaxation: Many of our loyal customers look to our Δ8-THC gummies for enhanced relaxation and a smooth ride for the body and mind. Allow your senses to experience the enjoyment from the smooth touch of THC gummies.

High-spirited Moments: Share a laugh and creative moments with the uplifting essence of Right Coast’s Nano-Δ9-THC gummies.

You can buy legal THC gummies from Right Coast Edibles, for those moments when life calls for a little extra chill or cheer.

Your Choices, Our Commitment

We believe in offering choices that resonate with your needs. Whether it’s the Wellness gummies focusing on a harmonious life or the Fun gummies crafted for jubilant times, our products are designed with care, quality, and your happiness in mind.

Explore our diverse range of edibles today and make wellness and enjoyment an integral part of your lifestyle. Sycamore Biopharma’s CBD gummies and Right Coast Edibles’ THC gummies – together, they bridge the beautiful journey between serenity and celebration.

Your quest for natural enhancement in everyday life finds an ally in Sycamore Biopharma’s thoughtful creations. Take a step towards balance, joy, and natural essence. Discover Sycamore today.
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