Find relief from discomfort and pain with CBD-based topicals from Sycamore BioPharma. Crafted with a potent formula infused with vitamin-rich Aloe Vera, our topical products delve deep, offering a reprieve from everything from day-to-day aches to severe pains. We strive to combine nature and science to provide potent and the most effective pain relief lotion and roll-on available.
CBD Infused Lotion

Our 2000mg CBD full-spectrum muscle and joint relief lotion is infused with CBD and natural penetration enhancers in a hydrating aloe vera base. Designed to permeate the skin’s surface, it provides swift and effective pain relief. The unique formula provides comfort to muscles and joints without the adverse effects associated with traditional pain relievers. Experience hydrating relief without the greasy feel or pore-clogging ingredients of other CBD-based pain relief lotions.

Roll-On Lotion: Precision in Relief

Every stroke of our roll-on lotion provides targeted pain relief. Created for the strains that come along with intense athletic training, Sycamore’s 2000mg, mentholated CBD Aloe roll-on is infused with Arnica and Tea Tree oil for maximum synergistic effect. This natural pain-fighting blend is designed for use by top athletes and weekend warriors alike.

By leveraging our pharmaceutical-grade processing, we can create the highest-quality and most potent CBD ingredients. This, alongside cooling menthol and tea tree oil, restorative arnica, and soothing aloe vera provides a targeted pain relief topical. These powerhouse pain relief ingredients work in unison to alleviate focused areas of discomfort, epitomizing targeted relief.

Find Relief from Aches and Pains

Discover the healing and pain-relieving effects of Sycamore BioPharma’s CBD-based topicals. From general use to highly targeted athletic-focused products, we have a solution to everyday aches and relief from injury-related pains.
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