EMBRACED™ CBD-Infused Compression Products: Revolutionizing Recovery & Pain Relief

Pain and discomfort in the joints can be a barrier to maintaining an active lifestyle. But what if there was a way to combine the healing power of nature with innovative technology to target pain right at its source? Introducing the EMBRACED™ Compression Delivery System – your comprehensive solution to muscle and joint aches.

Targeted, Long-Lasting Relief

Our bodies are designed for movement. That’s why the EMBRACED™ system utilizes cutting-edge, motion-release microencapsulation technology. Every time you move, micro-capsules containing potent natural compounds rupture, delivering targeted relief directly to the source of your discomfort.

Each EMBRACED™ knee brace, elbow sleeve, or sock comes infused with:
250mg of CBD
100mg of Menthol
62mg of Copaiba essential oil

And includes a bottle of RECHARGED™ spray containing:
1000mg of CBD
400mg of Menthol
200mg Copaiba essential oil

These natural ingredients are embedded into the very fabric of our products and can be recharged at will, ensuring that they’re released directly onto your skin for maximum absorption and effectiveness.

Synergistic Healing

CBD, menthol, and copaiba essential oil come together in a powerful trio. While CBD is renowned for its potent anti-inflammatory properties, menthol provides a cooling sensation and increases penetration, and copaiba oil, derived from the resin of the copaiba tree, penetrates and acts on cannabinoid receptors. Together, these ingredients work on both a topical and transdermal level, penetrating the skin to offer deep, lasting relief.

Compression Meets Comfort

It’s not just about the ingredients. The quality athletic fabrics used in EMBRACED™ products offer restorative compression therapy. This gentle pressure supports muscles and joints, promoting circulation and reducing swelling – all while ensuring you stay comfortable and unrestricted in your movements.

Stay RECHARGED™ and Ready!

The benefits of EMBRACED™ don’t end after the initial use. With the accompanying RECHARGED™ spray, you can recharge your compression sleeve or socks anytime. Whether you’ve washed your compression gear or simply want an added boost, a quick spritz delivers both immediate relief and an extended release of the healing compounds. The spray’s unique dual formulation ensures that you receive immediate solace while also benefiting from sustained relief as you go about your day.

Embraced™ CBD-Charged Sleeves & Socks

Why let joint pain hold you back? With the EMBRACED™ Compression Delivery System, you can experience the synergy of nature and technology, allowing you to move with ease and confidence. Whether you’re hitting the gym, going for a run, or simply taking a stroll in the park, trust in EMBRACED™ to support, soothe, and revitalize. Stay active, stay comfortable, and stay EMBRACED™.
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