Embraced™ CBD-Charged Knee Sleeve

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Experience the benefits of CBD and our proprietary blend of pain-relieving botanicals coupled with light compression from the Embraced™ CBD-Charged Compression System. This system utilizes a patent-pending, time-release transdermal mechanism to efficiently deliver active ingredients that are all widely recognized for providing muscle and joint relief. Compression provides physical support and helps to reduce swelling while helping to promote recovery from knee pain.

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The Embraced™ Compression Delivery System utilizes a Patent Pending, time-release transdermal mechanism to deliver CBD, and our proprietary, pain-relieving botanical blend directly to the source of your discomfort. Coupled with the restorative benefits of compression therapy, these powerful natural ingredients release as you move over time to provide continued muscle and joint relief.

The Embraced™ CBD-Charged Knee Sleeve comes pretreated with over 400mg of microencapsulated ingredients and can be retreated as needed using the included 2oz Recharged™ Pain Relief Spray. The Recharged™ solution is designed with both immediate and encapsulated, delayed-release natural ingredients to provide fast relief that continues to deliver as you move. Additional Recharged™ Pain Relief Spray can be purchased separately.

While delivering active ingredients, the physical compression provides support and may reduce swelling and improve circulation to promote healing from knee pain. If you are suffering from general knee pain, soreness, arthritis, or bursitis of the knee, let the Embraced™ CBD-Charged Knee Sleeve work for you.

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Directions for Use

The Embraced™ Microencapsulation pretreatment is designed to last for 6-10 uses depending on activity level. Following this initial use, washing, or a reduction in efficacy, use the included Recharged™ solution to renew your knee compression sleeve with a fresh dose of CBD and botanicals

  • Simply turn the knee sleeve inside out.
  • Vigorously shake the Recharged™ solution.
  • Spray the sleeve thoroughly with 15-20 pumps.
  • Allow the sleeve to dry before continued use.

If you have a specific, localized pain-point, feel free to concentrate the application of the Recharged™ spray to that area.

When cleaning is needed, machine wash cold on delicate cycle, tumble dry low. Do not iron, dry clean, bleach, or use fabric softener or dryer sheets.

Technology and Ingredients

The Embraced™ Compression Delivery System provides the muscle and joint relieving properties of CBD coupled with additional functional botanical compounds. This proprietary blend works as a penetration enhancer to improve CBD absorption and works individually to provide relief through its own mechanisms. The rechargeable, motion-release delivery of the Embraced™ and Recharged™ system creates the ideal conditions for recovery and relief.

CBD or Cannabidiol is a unique chemical compound derived from hemp with significant therapeutic potential. Cannabinoids like CBD, are a group of chemical compounds found in the Cannabis sativa plant that interact with the Endocannabinoid system (ECS); an expansive signaling network within our bodies. Several clinical and preclinical studies suggest potential pain-relieving effects of CBD and combined CBD preparations for arthritis, neuropathy, and inflammatory pain.

The proprietary botanical solution contains a potent blend of compounds known to aid in the absorption of CBD while providing their own healing properties. These natural compounds provide general pain relief as well as anti-inflammatory and antioxidant support.


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  1. Teresa Ketron (Verified Purchaser)

    I ordered this for my daughter and she says it works really well. My brother Jeff Gilder recommended this company

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