The EMBRACED™ CBD-Charged System

The EMBRACED™ system utilizes a motion-release, microencapsulation technology to provide targeted, lasting relief at the source of your discomfort. CBD, Menthol, and Copaiba essential oil is supplied directly to the skin via micro-capsules embedded in the fabric of EMBRACED™ sleeves and socks. Each product comes pretreated with a total of 250mg CBD, 100mg Menthol, and 62mg Copaiba essential oil. Movement, while you wear the supportive fabrics, ruptures the micro-capsules over time and delivers an extended-release of these powerful, natural compounds. Once released, Menthol and Copaiba work synergistically with CBD to penetrate and soothe aches and pains on both a topical and transdermal level. The included RECHARGED™ spray completes the system by allowing you to reapply the medicinal ingredients after the initial use period, washing, or when you notice reduced efficacy.

Naturally Powerful Active Ingredients

CBD or cannabidiol is from a unique family of about 150 molecules that we call the cannabinoids. CBD is extracted as a crude oil from hemp or Cannabis and can be carefully refined into nearly pure crystals. Cannabinoids work in the body through interactions with our endocannabinoid system (ECS). This is an expansive signaling network that plays a significant role in maintaining health and homeostasis. CBD, in particular, has gained significant attention because of its numerous potential health benefits without intoxicating properties. Pain is one of the top reasons that people reported for trying CBD. There are many causes of muscle and joint pain, but injury, inflammation, arthritis, tendonitis, and bursitis are some common sources. Neuropathic pain or neuropathy often presents as tingling, burning, or numbness in hands and feet. Several clinical and preclinical studies suggest potential inflammation-reducing and pain-relieving benefits of CBD and combined CBD preparations for arthritis, neuropathy, and inflammatory pain. Although the FDA has not currently evaluated the use of cannabinoids for the treatment of pain and inflammation, the growing volume of data on the potential benefits of these compounds makes their future approval seem likely.

Copaiba Essential Oil

This is the distilled resin of the Copaifera tree. It has been used in traditional Brazilian medicine since the 16th century due primarily to its ability to reduce inflammation and its powerful antioxidant properties. It contains the highest concentration of β-caryophyllene of any natural botanical source. This terpene, also found in hemp extracts, selectively binds with the CB2 receptors of the ECS and may work synergistically with CBD. Several recent studies have highlighted Copaiba’s potential to reduce inflammation, improve arthritis pain, and improve the absorption of other therapeutic compounds.


Menthol is a naturally occurring terpene found in plants of the mint family and in small amounts in hemp and cannabis. It has been widely used as a non-opioid pain reliever since ancient times. When applied topically, it acts as a counter-irritant for pain relief by causing sensations of cooling and warming which stimulate and then eventually desensitize pain receptors. Additionally, menthol is one of the most effective terpene-based penetration enhancers, allowing it to work synergistically with CBD to improve absorption.

Technology-Driven Wellness for Improved Delivery

The natural pain and inflammation-fighting ingredients supplied together with the novel EMBRACED™ Compression Delivery technology overcome the common barriers of many delivery methods. Treatments based on natural ingredients, including cannabinoids such as CBD, are often limited because of the low absorption and bioavailability of these oil-soluble compounds. Additionally, air, heat, and light exposure can degrade and reduce potency while volatile compounds may evaporate off if unprotected.

Ingested CBD experiences low absorption during digestion as well as an extensive first-pass metabolism by the liver leaving as little as 6% available for use. Many topical products have poor skin penetration or are of insufficient potency to truly be effective. By nature, the topical route involves a short spike of available ingredients followed by a sharp drop and consistent low level until another application. The extended delivery of EMBRACED™ motion-release technology balances the availability of the active ingredients on the skin over time resulting in more consistent and sustained dose delivery. This promotes increased absorption for the duration of use.

Copaiba and Menthol each work through their own mechanisms to aid recovery and relief from pain and inflammation. Together, they also function as penetration enhancers to improve the absorption of CBD. This is important as CBD will not readily move through the layers of the skin on its own. With enhanced absorption and prolonged delivery, the active ingredients can act topically on the outer skin layers but also begin to work transdermally at a deeper level. This allows targeted relief that bypasses liver metabolism and works quickly and effectively. The EMBRACED™ system brings this technology together with quality activewear to provide a convenient solution to soreness, stiffness, and pain.

The Role Of Compression

While all of the EMBRACED™ products deliver healing ingredients, the sleeves provide an additional aid to recovery through their use of restorative compression at the knees and elbows. It’s now common to see compression sleeves worn by pro athletes and weekend gym warriors alike. The reported benefits are physical support to the joint area, improved circulation and blood oxygenation, a reduction in inflammation, and prevention & quickened recovery from muscle and joint injuries. Because of the constant skin contact while they work, compression fabrics make an ideal base for the EMBRACED™ & RECHARGED™ del

RECHARGED™ Spray Solution

The proprietary RECHARGED™ spray is an included, user-applied solution that allows EMBRACED™ Compression garments to be recharged with a fresh dose of active ingredients. The spray contains these ingredients in both immediate release and the EMBRACED™ motion-release, microencapsulated form. This combined formulation provides an immediate boost as well as sustained results delivered as you move.

The RECHARGED™ CBD solution contains a total of 1000mg of CBD, 400mg of menthol, and 250mg of copaiba essential oil. Following the initial wear period, after washing, or at any point that the efficacy begins to fade, the fabric can easily be renewed with the spray. Retreatment is mess free and as simple as pump spraying and allowing the garment to dry either naturally or from a hair dryer on low. Each 20-pump treatment renews the compression fabric with approximately 40 mg of CBD, as well as fresh menthol and Copaiba. Specific problem areas can be targeted based on where you concentrate the spray application. The RECHARGED™ solution can also simply be massaged directly into the skin, though the motion-activation will release immediately. Retreat as often as needed as additional RECHARGED™ Pain Relief Spray can be purchased separately.

See What EMBRACED™ Can Do For You

The EMBRACED™ Compression Delivery System is an innovative and lasting solution for common muscle and joint pain. It combines naturally powerful active ingredients, a patent-pending delivery technology, and restorative compression therapy into quality athletic fabrics to keep you active and comfortable with every move. Check out our Online Store for details, product sizing, and to order today!

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